We are responsible for the effective production, filtration, and quality control of water for the City of Toledo.

Responsibility starts at the source of raw water, Lake Erie, and extends throughout the treatment process. We operate and maintain the largest water softening plant on Lake Erie. At no time in the process is the water allowed to stop moving. Every area within the plant can be isolated, so maintenance or repairs can be made without affecting the flow or quality of the water produced.

Water Treatment Plant Updates

How Does Toledo Supply Water?

The city of Toledo supplies water to a population of approximately 500,000 people located in the city and surrounding areas including parts of Lucas, Wood, and Fulton Counties, and south Monroe County in Michigan. Consumers are supplied potable water through a large, complex system owned and operated by the city of Toledo. The system provides approximately 75 million gallons per day (MGD) of water.

The system is managed by the City of Toledo Public Utilities Water Treatment Division, under the authority of the Mayor and City Council with direction provided by the Toledo Regional Water Commission.


  • Produce the best quality potable drinking water at the lowest cost for 500,000 people in the greater Toledo Metropolitan area by purifying and transporting treated surface water to sustain industry and enhance the lives of our residents.

  • Meet or exceed all regulatory Agency Compliance Measures: Safe Drinking Water Act, Sanitary Survey and NPDES Permits for providing drinking water to the residents.

  • Provide 24/7/365 uninterrupted supply of potable water 100% of the time each and every day.

  • Continue implementation of the Water Treatment Plant's Capital Improvements Program, concentrating on site-specific actions required by Ohio EPA to maintain and enhance our ability to serve Toledo and the surrounding population and industries with super award-winning water.

  • Maintain the apprenticeship program for the skilled trade positions and the shadowing program for the administrative positions.


Within the Laboratory section is the microbiology, water quality, and research laboratories. The three laboratories are certified by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to collect water samples and monitor results. Our team is make up of highly trained chemists, microbiologists, and sample collectors.

Water Quality

The water quality section ensures that the water being distributed meets or exceeds the criteria of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Compliance reports are sent to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency monthly with the analytical results for regulated contaminants. This is accomplished by the annual collection and analysis of more than 5,000 water samples from the water plant and over 2,500 samples from the distribution network.

Toledo Water Treatment Plant

Filtering an average of 75 million gallons of water per day is a monumental task.

Collins Park Treatment Plant
gallons of water filtered every day