Taking pride in the work we do starts with setting priorities.

Basic Services Environment Quality Investment Customer Service Workplace Culture

Basic Services

Provide basic services to citizens in an effective and efficient manner.


  1. Ensure prompt response to calls for service across the city.
  2. Ensure public safety employees are well-trained, equipped, accountable, transparent, and respectable.
  3. Maintain, preserve, and manage City records and information/data with clear, forward-looking plans so that data will be a readily accessible resource that contributes to community goals.
  4. Provide quality city services such as trash collection and solid waste management services that encourage community-wide recycling, reuse, and reduction of waste.
  5. Respond to growing service demands through partnerships, innovation, and prioritizing service levels that can be sustained by revenue.
  6. Ensure the efficient and effective use of tax-payer dollars in providing City services.


Ensure all our environmental resources, major equipment, and infrastructure are efficient and sustainable for long-term viability.


  1. Promote conservation of natural resources by incentivizing and implementing sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and alternative energy solutions.
  2. Promote and implement sustainability practices within the organization.
  3. Provide education and leadership to ensure natural resources are preserved for future generations.
  4. Maintain reliable utility infrastructure to deliver safe and clean water to all residents and facilitate wastewater treatment and storm water management.
  5. Develop and sustain public infrastructure that services the needs of the community including utilities and water supply.
  6. Operate water, sewer, and storm water utilities in a manner which provides for the health of the community and protects and promotes environmental sustainability.

Quality Investment

Make investments that improve the quality of life for people who live, work, and play in Toledo.



  1. Proactively (re)invest in neighborhoods through support of programs and encourage sustainable community (re)development and rehabilitation practices that address blight, and preserve and protect historic properties.
  2. Enforce regulations to ensure home and public spaces are structurally secure, clean, visually appealing, and promote community well-being.

Economic Development

  1. Encourage entrepreneurship with local, minority, and women business owners by supporting access to counseling, capital, and contracting opportunities.
  2. Use investment incentives, policies, and maintain updated marketing materials, engagement strategies and development review processes to invite investment and reinvestment by offering consistent and transparent processes to developers.

Quality of Life

  1. Provide and support the availability of high-quality, affordable recreational programming and activities that appeal to people of all demographics.
  2. Develop and sustain public infrastructure that services the needs of the community including roads, parks, green spaces, facilities, and Wi-Fi.
  3. Develop inclusive programming to serve the needs and interests of the whole City, and partner with community organizations to create a fair, just and welcoming community.
  4. Provide access to high-quality education/resources to prepare residents, including youth, for career/education beyond a high school diploma.

Customer Service

Employees take pride in providing excellent/outstanding service to our citizens.


  1. Leverage technology and data throughout the organization for more efficient service delivery.
  2. Identify and implement financial process improvements for greater efficiency and effective oversight of city financial resources.
  3. Facilitate timely and effective communication throughout the public through a variety of media modes.
  4. Respond to growing service demands through collaboration, innovation, and outcome management.

Workplace Culture

Employees feel connected, valued, and appreciated.


  1. Attract, develop, motivate, and retain a diverse, high quality, engaged, and productive workforce.
  2. Use data to evaluate service delivery that is evaluated on clearly defined expectations and focused on service excellence.
  3. Facilitate timely and effective communication throughout the organization.