Working in Your Neighborhood

Save Our Community is an intervention program to reduce gun violence. Program staff, including interrupters and outreach specialists, focus on three forms of action in their community.

Work with an interrupter

What We Do

Detect and interrupt conflicts

Trained interrupters and outreach specialists identify and mediate potentially lethal conflicts in the community. They also follow up to ensure that the conflict does not reignite.

  • Prevent retaliations
  • Mediate ongoing Conflicts
  • Conflict follow-up

Identify and treat high risk individuals

Trained outreach specialists work with those at the highest risk. By meeting them where they are and helping them to obtain resources, they help to prevent future violence.

  • Assess the highest risk
  • Change behaviors
  • Provide treatment

Change social norms

Team members engage community leaders, residents, local business owners, faith leaders, service providers, and high-risk individuals, to help convey that our community does not support violence.

  • Respond to homicides in target areas within 72 hours
  • Organize community events
  • spread positive norms

Data Driven Response

The program is focused on three target areas, determined through analysis of shooting and homicide data. Interrupters respond to homicides in these target areas within 72 hours.

See the 2022 outreach report

Work With an Interrupter

Interrupters are neighbors, friends, and active community members who deescalate violence in their neighborhoods and provide assistance to those looking to utilize safe resources. Use your neighborhoods hot-line to get in touch with an interrupter.

NeighborhoodHotlineCommunity offices
East Toledo419-902-7821Location TBD


Frederick Douglass Center
1001 Indiana Ave.
Lagrange567-304-0805Wilson Park Building
3251 Otto Rd.

Tackling Issues Surrounding Violence

Interrupters not only work with individuals in the community, but they also report issues in neighborhoods like blight, vacant properties, and broken sidewalks.

Our Partners

Mercy Health

As a program partner, Mercy has provided staff with mediation, trauma, and mental health training.

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Connect with Job1USA through SOC to receive job skills training, and utilize resources to obtain a career.

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Human Relations Commission: Toledo

We support working through a difficult relationship or conflict with your neighbor through mediation services.

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