Splash Pad, Six Pools will Open this Summer

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The Kapszukiewicz administration will open the Savage Park Splash Pad and six pools this summer.

Paul Rasmusson, the city’s director of public service, said a previous consideration to keep the splash pad at 645 Vance St. closed this year has been abandoned because there will be increased police patrols. The splash pad was closed temporarily in July 2017 because of vandalism to a water feature that was also vandalized in previous years.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral said a camera will be positioned to monitor the splash pad and a police crew will patrol the area on a regular basis.

“The splash pad is an important place for that neighborhood and our city and we will not let vandals destroy a wonderful recreational activity enjoyed by children during the hot summer months,” Chief Kral said. “We will increase patrols in the park and work to get a portable SkyCop camera as often as possible.”

An opening date for the pools and the splash pad has not been set. Last year’s pool season was June 24 to Aug. 5.

The pools that will open this year are:

  • Willys, 1375 Hillcrest Ave.
  • Roosevelt, 910 Dorr St.
  • Navarre, 1001 White St.
  • Pickford, 3000 Medford Dr.
  • Wilson, 3253 Otto St.
  • Jamie Farr, 2140 N. Summit St.

Admission is $1 at the junior pools – Wilson, Jaime Farr, Navarre, and Pickford.

Admission at Roosevelt and Willys pools is $1 for swimmers who are less than 13 years old and $2 for swimmers who are 13-years-old and up. The splash pad is free.