Levis Square Park Improvements

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The first phase of improvements to Levis Square Park downtown will begin this weekend by clearing the site for construction.

The improvement project will occur in three phases. Phase 1 is funded and will be constructed this summer. It includes replacing sidewalk areas on the east and south sides of the park, adjacent to Riverfront Apartments, the Tower on the Maumee, and the parking garage. Phase 1 construction will address drainage problems in front of Riverfront Apartments and reconstruct many of the broken sidewalk panels and crumbling stairs. City forestry crew will begin removing trees at the park this weekend. The trees are in decline and too large to be moved prior to construction.

The Phase 1 budget is $500,000, which was appropriated in 2018. The Phase 2 budget is $1,080,000, of which $375,000 was appropriated this year. The remaining funds needed for Phase 2 will be a future appropriation request before Toledo City Council. Phase 3, which is made up of future projects that fall just outside of the current Levis Square Park boundaries, has not been appropriated.

Levis Square Park is a popular urban park space downtown that has been identified for improvements to accommodate current public uses, events, and activities generated by the resurgence of downtown living.