City of Toledo - Cherry Street Mission Ministries Partnership Announced

Monday, April 29, 2019

Toledo Public Utilities Director Ed Moore announced a new partnership today with Cherry Street Mission Ministries that will allow students in its call center customer training program to practice their skills at the Engage Toledo call center.

“Our Engage Toledo call center handles customer service inquiries for a myriad of different issues and the Cherry Street students will get valuable hands-on training during this program,” Mr. Moore said. “They could potentially land a job once they receive their certificate at the end of their eight-week course with Cherry Street Mission Ministries. These are individuals looking for employment, and we are looking for employees, so we think this is a really good fit. Over the past year, we have worked with Cherry Street Mission Ministries to develop a partnership that benefits both the ministry itself and the people in our community.”

Cherry Street President Max Lambdin said he was excited to have Engage Toledo join the consortium of employer partners for the call center customer training program. The training program began in 2016 and classes average about 16 students. Cherry Street partners with Northwest State Community College to do the training, Mr. Lambdin said.

“These individuals are graduating with a certificate, yes, but they are actually coming through a rigorous process where they have become whole and, in significant ways, continue to pursue that,” Mr. Lambdin said. “They have a tremendous attitude and a desire to be part, not only of a workforce, but knowing who they are.”

The announcement, which was made during a news conference at the Engage Toledo call center, can be viewed at this link: