City of Toledo and Lucas County officials working with Toledo Edison to Restore Power Downtown

Friday, June 21, 2019

One Government Center and the Toledo Municipal Court building closed today due to a power outage caused when a construction company working near Adams and Superior streets struck an underground duct bank, shorting out several underground circuits. As a result, five buildings in downtown are without electricity.

City officials are working with Toledo Edison and Kokosing Construction Company, the company that was working near Adams and Superior, to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The Toledo Police Department Safety Building is on generator power. Police personnel are conserving energy due to the downtown outage. Non-essential functions, like public records, are closed until normal power resumes. The public should visit the Scott Park District Station to file reports.

One Government Center was evacuated after the power loss. Many city employees continued to work offsite or in the field, including Engage Toledo, code enforcement, and all senior staffers. The operations for safety forces, transportation, streets, parks, and public utilities were unaffected.