Second Pass of Leaf Pickup for Entire City Announced

Monday, November 29, 2021

The City of Toledo will provide a second pass of leaf pickup for the entire city, Mayor Kapszukiewicz announced today.

Historically, second pass zones were limited to the areas of the city which have the most leaves on the ground. Due to a delay in cold weather and subsequent late leaf drop this year, city crews completed the first pass ahead of schedule allowing time for a complete second pass to collect all remaining leaves.

City crews continue to work flexibly to accommodate the weather and ensure a high level of service delivery to all residents. As always, snow and ice events may cause delays to the schedule as it is currently posted.

Full Schedule

AreaFirst PassSecond Pass
1ACompletedWeek of 11/29
1BCompletedWeek of 11/29
1CCompletedWeek of 11/29
1DCompletedWeek of 11/29
1ECompletedWeek of 11/29
1FCompletedWeek of 11/29
1GCompletedWeek of 11/29
1HCompletedWeek of 11/29
1ICompletedWeek of 11/29
1JCompletedWeek of 11/29
1KCompletedWeek of 11/29
1LCompletedWeek of 11/29
4ACompletedWeek of 12/6
4BCompletedWeek of 12/6
4CCompletedWeek of 12/13
4DWeek of 11/15Week of 12/13
4EWeek of 11/15Week of 12/13
4FCompletedWeek of 12/6
4GCompletedWeek of 12/6
4HCompletedWeek of 12/6
4ICompletedWeek of 12/6
4JCompletedWeek of 12/6
4KCompletedWeek of 12/6
4LCompletedWeek of 12/6
4MCompletedWeek of 12/6
4NCompletedWeek of 12/6
4OCompletedWeek of 12/6
3AWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
3BWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
3CWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
3DWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
3EWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
3FWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
3GCompletedWeek of 12/13
3HCompletedWeek of 12/13
3ICompletedWeek of 12/13
2AWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2BWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2CWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2DWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2EWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2FWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2GWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2HWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2IWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13
2JWeek of 11/22Week of 12/13

There are several ways to determine when crews will be on your street:

  • Sign up for Toledo Text Alerts to be alerted when leaf collection crews will be in your neighborhood, and of any change in plans.
    Toledo Texts Alerts will notify residents two weeks prior, again one week prior to pick-up, and again when the collection is complete. The link to sign up is:
  • Residents can refer to the map on the city website for information on their specific addresses. The map will be posted at this link:
  • Call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020.
  • Check the city Facebook and Twitter accounts on Fridays.
  • Watch for signs to be posted on your street.

City crews will not be able to return to an area once we have completed the second pass collection. If you miss collection, do not place leaves in the street. At that point, the options for residents are to:

  • Compost the leaves.
  • Dispose of leaves in your gray trash container.
  • Take the leaves to one of four transfer locations that will be available for free disposal. They are at Bowman Park, Detwiler Park, Ravine Park, and the former ODOT facility at Detroit and Glendale avenues. The sites will be open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday, beginning Nov. 8.