Toledo Department of Transportation Started Work on the 2022 Residential Road Program

Monday, March 28, 2022

Mayor Kapszukiewicz was on hand waving a green flag to indicate the start of the 2022 Residential Road Program with members of the Toledo Department of Transportation, District 4 City Council Member Vanice Williams and Council Member Cerssandra McPherson.

“Prioritizing and investing in Toledo’s residential roads was a promise I made to the residents of Toledo. Today, we start to deliver on that promise with a total of 196 roads and 74.38 lane miles,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said.

The 2022 Residential Road Program includes the Residential Resurfacing Program with 116 residential roads and 44.59 lane miles, the Patch and Seal Program with 44 roads and 19.52 lane miles, and the Unimproved Overlay Program with 36 unimproved roads with 10.27 lane miles.

The work is anticipated to be finished by October 16, 2022.

“Last year, we finished the residential roads maintenance on time and on budget. We will surpass that goal this year to ensure that our residential roads are accessible and safe for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said.

The 2022 Residential Roads Program costs $22,538,736.62 and is being completed as a result of voters passing the dedicated roads levy in 2020.

The Residential Resurfacing Program is funded by the dedicated ¼% income tax approved by the voters in 2021. The Overlay and Patch & Seal Programs are funded by the gas tax dollars returned to the City of Toledo by the State of Ohio.

More information, including a map and full list of the roads selected, can be found on the city’s website at