Mayor Kapszukiewicz and Toledo Department of Transportation Celebrated Record-Breaking 2022 Residential Road Program

Friday, October 21, 2022

Mayor Kapszukiewicz and members of the Toledo Department of Transportation announced the record-breaking 2022 Road Program. This year the City of Toledo finished the road work as scheduled and exceeded the original goal of 118 roads and 49.89 lane miles.

The Patch and Seal program completed 44 roads and 18.38 lane miles. The Overlay Program completed 37 roads and 8.87 lane miles. Two additional streets included were Templar Rd. and Diegle Drive.

The Residential Resurfacing Program completed 121 roads and 51.37 lane miles. Three additional streets included East Hudson St., Penridge Rd, and Richmond Rd.

The Residential Resurfacing Program was funded by the dedicated ÂĽ% income tax approved by the voters in 2021. The Overlay and Patch & Seal Programs are funded by the gas tax dollars returned to the City of Toledo by the State of Ohio.

“This year we have broken the all time city record for resurfacing. We came in at 121 roads, the most that has ever happened in Toledo and I sense we will break that record next year,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said.