City of Toledo Launches Link Toledo Program to Enhance Public Safety

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announced in a news conference this morning the launch of Link Toledo, a groundbreaking public safety program designed to empower the community in keeping Toledo safe. This innovative initiative aims to foster collaboration between the residents, businesses, and local law enforcement agencies, leveraging the power of technology to enhance emergency preparedness and expedite response to criminal activity and emergency situations.

“We have to use 21st century solutions to solve 21st century problems” Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said of the new program. “The data says our city is getting safer – our crime stats are down this year in almost every category, with the exception of auto thefts. Nonetheless, we will continue to try to build on this success with new, innovative solutions to make the city safer.”

Link Toledo encourages residents to register their residential security cameras to support the authorities in gathering crucial evidence and swiftly respond to incidents. By registering their cameras, community members will play a vital role in combating crime and ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods. In the event of an incident in their vicinity, participants may be contacted by investigators from the Toledo Police Department, who will request their assistance in solving crimes through video footage.

Registering residential cameras is a simple process that can be completed in less than one minute through our secure online portal. It is important to note that this registration does not grant the Toledo Police Department access to live video feeds; instead, it notifies investigators of the presence of cameras at specific locations and allows them to request relevant footage if required.

“What happens now when there is a crime committed is officers knock on doors in the neighborhood and ask if you have cameras,” Chief Michael Troendle said, explaining how the program will support the Toledo Police Department. “By registering your cameras, you’re allowing our officers to save time by contacting those residents directly. This also gives residents more anonymity by allowing them to submit videos for review without neighbors seeing an officer show up on their doorstep.”

In addition to residential camera registration, the Link Toledo program also offers businesses the opportunity to participate by registering or integrating their security camera systems. By sharing public-area facing cameras with local law enforcement, businesses can contribute to emergency response efforts and bolster community safety. Participating businesses can register their cameras at no cost, ensuring that our collective efforts leave no stone unturned in keeping Toledo secure.

For businesses looking to take their security measures to the next level, integrating their camera systems with the Link Toledo program presents an excellent opportunity. This advanced integration enhances the value of existing security camera investments and significantly augments community security. By allowing the Toledo Police Department access to their camera feeds in case of emergencies, businesses can facilitate faster response times and provide vital details that help in managing critical situations.

“As a matter of policy, we will not be watching the business cameras unless a call comes in for an emergency,” Lt. Jeffrey Thieman clarified. “If an incident does take place, officers will be able to pull up a feed from their vehicles and assess how to respond, or investigators will be able to immediately pull video recordings needed to identify a suspect or a vehicle, instead of waiting for businesses to retrieve those recordings 12 or 24 hours later.”

The integration process is straightforward and requires the use of a fususCORE device, a compact and unobtrusive device that seamlessly plugs into the camera system. Once set up, the fususCORE device enables camera sharing based on user preferences, giving businesses control over how their footage is shared. There is a cost associated with the devices required for integration, but the city of Toledo doesn’t receive any financial benefits for devices purchased.

Through the Link Toledo program, the City of Toledo aims to create a robust and interconnected public safety network that unites the community, law enforcement agencies, and cutting-edge technology. This announcement follows the purchase of 60 new, state-of-the-art street cameras that will be strategically installed in the coming months. By embracing this collaborative approach, Toledo is taking a proactive stance in crime prevention and emergency response, making our city an even safer place to live, work, and play.

To learn more about the Link Toledo program, register, or integrate your cameras, please visit