City Employees Gain Fresh Perspective at The Ability Center's Disability Awareness Experience!

Thursday, June 15, 2023

The City of Toledo employees recently embarked on an incredible training experience at The Ability Center.

The team participated in an eye-opening Disability Awareness Experience (DAE) at The Ability Center. This remarkable program empowered our employees with a fresh perspective on disability and fostered a deeper understanding of the challenges and talents of individuals with disabilities.

Through authentic conversations and engaging hands-on activities, our team gained invaluable insights into the importance of accessibility and the impact that accommodations can have on improving a person's quality of life.

Here's what some of our employees had to say about the training:

🗣️ "Every aspect of this training opened my eyes to the vital role played by The Ability Center in our community. It is truly remarkable!"

🗣️ "The interactive hands-on experience was an incredibly important piece of the training. It helped me better understand accessibility and the profound difference accommodations can make in someone's life."

🗣️ "The rotating activity-based structure of the training worked exceptionally well. It provided an effective overview of the diverse range of services and activities conducted by The Ability Center. Simultaneously, it served as an enlightening and approachable way to learn about the experiences of people with disabilities."

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in this transformative training, and we look forward to applying our new found knowledge and understanding to better serve our community.