Mayor Kapszukiewicz and Police Chief Troendle Highlight Positive Crime Trends in Toledo

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz presented an update on Toledo’s crime statistics at a press conference held today at One Government Center. From January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023, crime rates have decreased in almost every category, when compared to the same time frame last year.​

2022*2023*% Change
Auto Theft 591 642 +8.6%
Burglary 739 668 -9.6%
Homicide 24 16 -33%
Robbery 269 178 -33%
Theft From Motor Vehicle 1,019 662 -35%
Persons Shot 145 103 -28%

*January 1 - June 30

Most notably, homicides have decreased 33% compared to 2022. If this trend holds through the remainder of the year, the year-end total of homicides will have returned to pre-pandemic levels.

This decrease echoes a national trend of decreased homicides, with an early look at data across U.S. cities showing an average decline of 10%[1]. While there are a number of factors that may contribute to this progress, the Mayor noted it is encouraging to see these results following the implementation of the Mayor’s Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence plan at the end of last year.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz emphasized that addressing crime requires a holistic approach that extends beyond law enforcement efforts. By focusing on beautifying neighborhoods, investing in youth, attracting business investment, providing housing stability, and engaging the community, the City of Toledo has aimed to create a safer environment by supporting the health, economic stability, and quality of life for all residents.

The Mayor also discussed the recent addition of 3 dedicated domestic violence prosecutors, who have been hired since Rebecca Facey was named Chief Prosecutor in January of this year. Compared with last year’s total of 5 domestic violence related homicides, this year there have 0 so far.

“While there is no acceptable level of violent crime, the big story of 2023 is how dramatically crime has gone down in Toledo,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. “This is not time to rest on our laurels or declare victory, but we are significantly better off than we were at this time last year.”

Mayor Kapszukiewicz also credited Chief Mike Troendle with the reduction in crime. Chief Troendle was named Chief of Police earlier this year and has taken a data-driven, tactical approach to policing over the past six months. From increasing the amount of police on foot patrol, to implementing new technology that allows police to use data more efficiently, to the several Toledo Enhancement Area Method (TEAM) targeted operations that increase resources in specific neighborhoods, TPD has made efforts to engage the whole community as they work to prevent and deter crime.

“We are arresting more perpetrators,” Chief Troendle said. “There have been more homicide trials this year than there have been in a long time because the whole criminal justice system is catching up and this creates a deterrent effect. This is about more than just the Toledo Police Department, we need the whole community to help be our eyes and ears in the neighborhoods. We can’t do it alone.”

Mayor Kapszukiewicz attributed this year’s reduction in crime to his administration’s ability to develop a plan and stick to it.

“Whenever we’re confronted with any problem, we take the time to think things through and develop strategies to solve the problem,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. “That’s what we did when it came to fighting crime, and the plan we developed is working.”


[1] Asher, J. (2023, June 5). The Murder Rate Is Suddenly Falling. The Atlantic.

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Press Conference

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz and Toledo Police Department Michael Troendle discuss the latest crime statistics for quarters one and two of 2023.