Location: McClinton Nunn Community Center, 425 Nebraska Ave.

View: more summer fun

Date: Monday, June 13, 2022

Time: 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Learn the science behind making slime, rockets and incredibly large bubbles! The Imagination Station will be hittin’ the road this summer bringing mind-blowing science with us. Unlock your curiosity with these fizzy, stretchy, amazing hands-on fun. Check out where we’re headed!

June 13: McClinton Nunn Homes/Tabernacle (slime)
June 15:
Ravine Park (slime)
June 20:
Elmdale (slime)
June 22:
Weiler Homes (slime)
June 29:
McClinton Nunn Homes/Tabernacle (Alka seltzer rockets)
June 30:
Ravine Park (Alka seltzer rockets)
July 13:
Elmdale (Alka seltzer rockets)
July 14:
Weiler Homes (Alka seltzer rockets)
July 20:
McClinton Nunn Homes/Tabernacle (Super bubbles)
July 21:
Ravine Park (Super bubbles)
July 27:
Elmdale (Super bubbles)
August 3:
Weiler Homes (Super bubbles)