Final Mayoral Transition Report Released

Friday, February 02, 2018

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz received the final mayoral transition report today.

The mayor appointed a transition team upon his election in November. Michael Beazley, Oregon city administrator, wealth manager Rita Mansour, and businessman Will Lucas led the transition and presented the report to the mayor during a 1 p.m. news conference.

The transition team hosted a series of mayoral roundtables with community leaders, neighborhood groups, and business representatives. The sessions included discussions on neighborhood issues, safety, the environment, economic development, education, and quality of life issues.

The report lauded revitalization downtown but also encouraged the Kapszukiewicz administration to focus on improving Toledo’s neighborhoods.The recommendations included: improving communications with residents and business owners; improving customer service; consolidating departmentsto eliminate duplicative services, streamlining services for businesses attempting to locate or expand in the city; implementing universal prekindergarten; reviewing and modernizing recycling and refuse collection; increasing green space, and lobbying state and national officials for the betterment of Lake Erie.

“We will follow up on the recommendations and stay engaged with the public in a way that is crucial for us to enjoy the buy-in that we will need to turn this city into what we all know it can be,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said.

A video of today’s news conference can be found here. To view the final report, please see below.

Final Mayoral Transition Report